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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally an update....

My blog is getting quite depressing, no updates since January!! Plus I know its so out of date that it just overwhelms me, anyway, enough said, finally here is an update.

Kate turned 5!! Yipee, we went to Disneyland on her birthday and as a special birthday treat she got to get her face painted, and as our passes are blocked out on Sara's I figured this was pretty much her one and only chance to get hers done too, awesome or what? this was the first thing we did after entering the park so we got our money's worth (its not cheap BTW both faces $29.09) Kate even slept in hers. We ended the day at home with a tiger cake for the birthday girl.

On Friday we had a little party at the park, it was fun, the theme was tigers, I had a few tiger things for the kids to do and I took the jeep that was just donated to me, all the kids loved that, I'm surprised its still working. Fun party, I'm not the best at the party kinda stuff but I think the kids had a good time, at least Kate did and that's what really counts.

O.K. that's all for now, if you think my blog is behind you should see my scrapbooks!!