A little of what the Thompson's are up to.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Addition

I wish I was posting about a new baby but I'm not, not that kind of baby anyway, maybe TMI but been trying for a while to get pregnant and its just not happening so instead we got some baby chicks. They are so cute. Since Britain died its been a little strange not having a pet, nice not having anything to worry about and I certainly didn't want to go out and get another dog so we decided on chickens instead, fairly low maintenance and they are outside pets, plus there is the upside of fresh eggs. We got 2 silver laced wyandotte's and 2 buff orpingtons, both supposed to be good breeds for being handled by kids. They currently reside in our garage in a big box under a heat lamp until they grow a little and it gets warmer when they will move outside to a coop. The girls love them and aside from checking their food and water they have been easy, I'm not sure if anyone who reads this blog lives close but if you do and want to come over and play with the baby chicks your more than welcome, they are super cute and I figure the more they are handled now the more used to it they will be. The girls have re-named them a few times, right now they are called, nuggets, sweetheart, peepers and either mayonnaise or oatmeal. Kate's little chick loves her and will just sit comfortably in her hand, Sara's really good with them too, a little rougher but the chicks have survived it all so far.

Like I said they are easy but messy with their food, they do eat a lot but about 1/4 of it at least gets kicked out of the feeder and into their box and they are constantly kicking the pine shavings into their water so aside from cleaning that out once or twice a day and re-filling their food they have been easy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kate the Great turns 8

Wow, love this girl, I can't believe it, Kate is 8, I'm ready for my kids to stop having birthdays now. We began the day with her gifts, then we headed to Hang Time for her party, she had so much fun, about 11 kids came and it was the perfect amount, all the kids had a blast and Kate kept saying that everytime she looked around she saw her friends. Her pick for birthday cake was a costco red velvet cake, yummy and easy for me.

the kids bounced for almost 2 hours, here is Kate taking a little rest break.

I gave Kate a little birthday interview today (totally stole this idea from someone elses blog)

what is your name: Kate Lynn Thompson

how old are you: 8

what is your favorite color: orange, black, white and red

favorite food: hot dogs

favorite TV show: wild kratts

favorite movie: Harry Potter

what do you want to be when you grow up: a dolphin trainer

favorite subject at school: recess

what about something you do in the classroom: math games except I don't always understand who's turn it is

who is your teacher: ooohhhh! I love her, Mrs Hartley

favorite primary song: follow the prophet

favorite scripture story: where Nephi kills Laban

who is your best friend: Brady

favorite thing about yourself: I am really tough

when you are older do you want to go on a mission: only if I can go to Maine because Maine is so far away

do you want to go to college: no, because you have to work so hard

anything else you want to add: I don't like my skin condition because I have to get blisters popped every once in a while (sad but true fact of my sweet girls life)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

All pin and no craft?

Lame, lame blogger lately, life is full which is awesome, I have been making a monthly to-do list which is keeping me very busy, full of boring stuff like read this months Ensign, a book for fun, a few chapters from the new President of The Church book (I'm in YW so I don't go to RS), I always include some type of project I need to finish and some crazy house cleaning item, like wipe down all the blinds, anyway, if I have a spare minute I'm usually reading or trying to get something checked off my list. That said I have been loving pinterest, gone are the days of searching blogs for cute ideas, pinterest is awesome, and inspired by Tanya's Christmas Craft post I wanted to prove to anyone following me that I am not all pin and no craft, a lot of times I take several ideas and combine them to make my own like my Christmas Advent Calendar, and I'm not re-posting anything from Christmas but most crafts for that came via pinterest, anyway here are some of my pinterest products:

The candy corn dress was one of the first things I pinned, turned out cute and Sara loved it, one for her and one for her doll.

Big rip across the knee, seriously seam to seam, pinterest had a few cute ideas for patches but naturally this one just appealed to me:)

Kate is getting baptized soon (Apr 14th in Sherman Oaks if anyone is interested in coming), as I was making one towel I decided to go ahead and make other ones that I knew I would need eventually, one for Sara and 2 to give away.

This was for Eric's moms birthday, I wish I had time to tweak it a little before we gave it to her but I barely finished it on her birthday, coincidentally that was also the same day Britain died and the youth were going up to Temple Square that night so we were meeting early, I just sent Eric to get the pictures and finish it up, even so it turned out cute.

This I had wanted to make for a long time, finally got it done just before the new year.

Each month for young women's I am in charge of making a calendar for the beehives so they know what we are doing, obviously I go way overboard but I love to make things and some have turned out super cute, the mummies were for Oct and the calendar was on the back and I made the cards for each of them for their birthdays this year, it has a little pocket that says 'excuse me I need some air' and inside is a balloon that has a handwritten message on it, I did find these two ideas via blogs but the rest are from pinterest. Mayflower for Nov, the sail was the calendar, I made Christmas crackers for Dec, a very British tradition, I even ordered cracker snaps so they would bang when pulled and I put their calendar inside. Snowmen kisses for Jan. No pics of my Feb or March handout but I made the super cute super hero lollipops and made the cape the girls calendar and for March I did pots of gold. I have also delved into some yummy recipes, to name a few, the Lion House Sweet and Sour Chicken, Quinoa Burgers, Root Beer Float Cake, awesome dinner rolls, zucchini black bean rice skillet, mexican chicken casserole, baked pumpkin oatmeal

These pics have nothing to do with pinterest but I wanted to post them anyway, on the left is my niece opening her mission call to serve in the New England New Hampshire mission, she leave Apr 11th and on the right Kate trying out snowboarding. She went out with grandma to pick herself a birthday present and picked this after seeing kids doing it on the hill where we sled, she loved it and managed to stay up most of the time.