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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break

Fun but busy spring break, we left after church on Sunday and headed to Wyoming
 Monday we stopped at Martins Cove, its a 5 mile to hike into the cove where the pioneers were stranded for 5 days in the bitter weather where they suffered terribly, my girls weren't the most cheerful hikers although Kate enjoyed seeing some of the dead carcasses left by coyotes.  During some of the complaints I tried to impress on the girls what it was like for the pioneers as they were in the snow and wind and freezing temps and for us it was a beautiful day, we even got a little sun on our faces.  Kate said her ankle hurt and was limping by the time we finished, when she got to the car and Eric took off her shoe she had a good size rock in it!  poor girl but she made it through and I have to say that once the girls realized we were going to go all the way around they quit complaining.  The visitors center there was great, I did want to do the short hike to Devils gate but after the big hike into the cove the girls and Eric were done.
  The next day we headed up to South Dakota and first stopped at Crazy Horse, this is the world largest sculpture, so far only the head is complete and it was a project started in 1948, the picture below is what its supposed to look like when its complete, which I have to say will probably be never...
 After Crazy Horse we headed over to Mount Rushmore, amazing!
 There are several fun things to do in South Dakota but unfortunately most things don't open until May or June so for our last day we headed to Reptile Gardens, pretty fun, they have a lot of stuff to do there but again most of it doesn't really get going until June.
 One of the girls favorite things was the giant tortoises.
 For the rest of our last day we spent it at our hotel which had an indoor waterpark, didn't take the camera in there but te girls had a blast.  Thursday we headed home and drove straight through, we did take a slight detour on the way home to glimpse at Devils Tower, you can actually drive right up to the tower and hike around (for a small fee) but we had a 12 hour drive ahead of us so we got as close as we could, snapped a few pics and headed home.  
 All in all a fun trip.