A little of what the Thompson's are up to.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

loose ends

Yippe, I finally managed to complete some loose ends, on a re-purposing kick lately, I've made a bunch of skirts for Sara from old dresses that are now too short but cut them off below the armpits, add a stretchy waistband and voila, cute skirt. My next project - making a dress from an old shirt (hence the nasty stain) of Eric's, neither girls would wear it, I think I need to work on the elastic around the arms but a shirt we were going to throw out so it was a good one for a practice run. Got the idea here.

Wanted an FHE board forever but never found one I loved, with ideas from a few friends I came up with this, (got the vinyl lettering here)I love it, and with my chalkboard paint I added some chalk areas to my kitchen for the girls to scribble on. Love the chalkboard paint BTW, wandered around thinking of what else I can use it on!!

Got the carpets shampooed, actually I should say cleaned as its a no soap thing, guy in our ward, very nice guy works for a company called ZeroRez, we have white carpet, it frequently looks very not-so-white, still haven't put the furniture back, the girls like sitting in the chair high up.

Hope you have a fun memorial day weekend, we'll be off to the beach to work on 'Kate's Shel Clecshin'.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


My girls are sooooo different, anyone who knows them knows this, here is an example

Sara for dinner chose a salad, Kate a hamburger.
Sara does not really like to eat out, Kate would eat at In & Out, Panda Express, The Habit or Old MacDonalds everyday if I allowed her to, or at home mac 'n' cheese, pizza or noodles would be her 1st choices, Sara would prefer veggies and fruit. This week though I have been on a roll, 3 dinners in a row have met with Kate's approval, Asian Lettuce Wraps, I made mine with ground turkey, salmon patties and pictured above a hamburger, grilled at home though and she actually ate lettuce on it (usually she is strictly a meat, bun and ketchup girl) because she had picked it at Underwood farms earlier that day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Proud parents of.....

.....a toothless wonder

Kate's 1st tooth finally fell out today, she was so excited, tonight it is under her pillow with a note that reads, 'please bring me a one hundred dollar bill, it will make me so happy' I think her expectations for the tooth fairy are quite elevated. My favorite phrase of the day today has to be when she got out of the shower, stepped onto my scale and said "lets see how much I weigh without my tooth." Its undeniable now, my baby is growing up!