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Monday, February 13, 2012

Reading the Book of Mormon

I am often inspired by others, I like to take ideas they have and use them, make them my own, this time I used an idea from Brooke. I remember her telling me that she got a Book of Mormon and each time she read she would color what she had read in red and at the end could say she had 'red' the Book of Mormon. I thought this would be a good thing to do with my girls before they got baptized but didn't think about it until a few weeks ago and with Kate's 8th birthday just less than 5 weeks away there isn't time. Anyway, on Sunday Kate came home from primary telling me all the other kids have these nice scriptures with silver sides and most of them have a bible and she just has this crummy Book of Mormon, its true she just has the el cheapo missionary Book of Mormon so I issued her the challenge, read your crummy Book of Mormon, as you go along color what you have read in red and when you are done I will take you to Deseret Book and you can pick out your very own set of scriptures, whichever ones you want. Day one, chapter one done, Sara is equally excited to do the same thing with hers, I'm not sure how long any of it will last but so far both of them are excited about it and the coloring just makes it so much more fun than just reading.

Also here is a preview of our girl as she gets ready to be baptized, we were at Costco on Saturday and they had a rack full of white dresses, still don't know where and when the baptism will be because before we moved to Utah she would have been getting baptized at the same time as her friend Grace and here she doesn't want to do it alone, in our ward she is the only child getting baptized in March, there will be others in the stake but she is the only one from our ward, fast forward to the May schedule and there are 4 or 5 from our ward so she may wait until then.