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Friday, October 28, 2011

New House

As I am updating this blog I should probably put up pictures of our house, we moved here last Dec and were just renting, not really knowing if Utah would work out or where exactly here we wanted to be. When we did decide to look for a place I had my ideas though, something more in the city, no new tract housing, something old with character. Well, we didn't love the area where we were renting and I was looking for a better school for the girls, plus Eric was working in a kind of small dark dismal basement which led us to begin a house hunt, honestly things just fell into place, we put in an offer mid Feb and closed May 8th (it was a short sale so it took a little longer than a regular sale) and I have since been left to eat my words, we live in American Fork, in a new neighbourhood (not brand new, approx 9yrs old though) in a tract house and I couldn't be happier, our neighbourhood is crawling with kids and we are in a great ward. Anyway, our house is nothing spectacular but we love it and if your curious here are some pics:

As you come in the front door to your left is the formal living room. As we really have no need for a formal living room and we needed a place for Eric to work we had some doors put up and made it into Eric's office.

Kitchen, nothing special but I have lots of cabinet space which I love. That door under the clock leads to the laundry room, extra bathroom and garage.

Dining and living room.

Master bed and bath, never would have put the corner tub on my wish list but I really love it, behind the door is the shower and to the left of the bathtub is the toilet in its own little room.
The girls rooms.

Backyard swing set, the before's and after shots, it was a long day of work to put it together but worth the effort. And thats our house, we have been quick to find out that we have way more ideas than money. Before we moved in we made Eric the office, had the inside painted and put down new carpet, we still need to decorate the walls and put finishing touches everywhere but for now its great. We also have an unfinished basement that is the same square footage as the upstairs, so far with just our small family we're not desperate to finish the downstairs so with time and money we will eventually get it done. And the icing on the cake:

I finally got Kate to ride her bike to school and its so cute to see her and Eric head off together. Also Sara playing with the neighbour girls.

See the note on the mailboxes? there are always cute neighbourhood parties and this is the view down our street, our ward meets in the building right there on at the end of our street, its about 6 houses away, love that. Anyway, thats all folks!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Halloween

I really need to put up more posts, I have lots to blog about. Just to get started happy Halloween, a little craft the girls and I did a few weeks back to get us ready for October.

Made Sara this candy corn dress, she loves it, managed to make one for her doll that matches.

and yesterday checked out Little Haunts at Heritage Park.

Oh! and check out the view from my front porch, beautiful snow capped mountains, these pics were taken about a month ago when rained for a few days. The past few weeks the weather has been beautiful and I'm loving the fall here. Also house opposite us is for sale if anyone is looking:)