A little of what the Thompson's are up to.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas at our house

I'm headed off for surgery today to remove an obnoxious 11cm ovarian cyst that messed up my whole summer, I'm a little nervous and it doesn't really hurt anymore but as of an MRI taken 2-3weeks ago it was still there and with deductibles flipping over Jan 1st I guess I may as well go ahead and get it done. Anyways, here is a cute Christmas video.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rubbing off on me

Utah is rubbing off on me already, I am not of the consensus that the bigger the bow the better, I'm not really the bow type at all but alas, my little Sara is, she found this headband with HUGE flower in a store and I admit she looks dang cute in it so I caved and bought it for her.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

from Utah with love

Yep, we moved to Utah, why? because we prayed about it and felt that this was the place to be for now, there were several other places I was wishing it would be right for us to be but this is it and after a week of being here it feels right. Its cold for sure and it will take some getting used to but there's a lot I like about being here, we are one house from the end of the street and across the street is this park

that is nice, even though we have a swing set in our back yard it is nice to walk across to the park for an hour or so. It is a lot more relaxed here and a big plus - Sara is going to pre-school starting in January! 4 mornings a week for $138 a month, its a program run by the school district. Also, being close to family, BIG PLUS, grandma is just a few miles away and Eric's oldest brother with high school age (insert great baby sitting age) kids is even closer. So far I'm still unpacking and finding my way but so far so good. Another plus about Utah is a lot of people come here so we hope that you will add us to your list of stops and if you don't have an ulterior motive for coming here then we would be quite happy to be your only reason for visiting, our place is a little smaller than our last but if you desire to stay at casa de Thompson we do have accommodation's in the basement.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whats New?

so.... we moved, this was our yard this morning.