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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fevers and fun

Wow, so neglectful of the blog lately, had the computer on all day to do a post and only getting round to it now. As I uploaded the pictures from my camera I realise that it has been way too long. Anyway, the girls have been sick, running fevers, coughs, sore throats and ears since Wed night, hopefully they sleep it off tonight, we have been laying low. Yesterday Eric had to take some pictures in Venice so we took the opportunity to stroll around the canals there, very peaceful and pretty, we then took the girls down to the Santa Monica Pier to ride the carousel, they loved it and rode it 3 times with their 100ยบ fevers and all, are we bad parents?

The canals are really pretty, in defense of our taking sick girls out we did just bundle them up in the stroller and they rode the whole way, the only time they got out was to get onto the carousel which they would have ridden another time if we had let them...
Can't beat the carousel, kids under 6 are free, 50¢ if they are over and an adult is $1, also if you liked the canals there was a house for sale on the canals, it was a main house with 2 separately fully functioning guest houses all on one lot, very pretty and reasonably priced at $6,500,000!!