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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pioneer stories - why tell them?

I just heard this thought and wanted to share/document. I was at a bishop's fireside on Sunday and the speakers were Sis. Hinkley's younger sisters, (one of them is the mother of a guy in our ward) they were telling some pioneer stories of their family, they asked why should we tell pioneer stories and then offered this reason. In these days there are very little role models for us and our children to look to in the media, sports or even politics, heck I'm from England and I'm not sure that the royal family offer such great role models anymore. Anyway, they suggested that this is a good reason to look back to the pioneers of the church and their trials and commitment to the gospel. Anyway, just liked it and wanted to share.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it, this day has finally arrived and in some ways the time has flown by and in others I can't believe it is already here, Sara started kindergarten today. Its only 1/2 day so it feels very similar to pre-school. She had a great day, was very excited and can't wait to go back tomorrow. Her favorite thing was doing the ABC's.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the tooth fairy visits Kate

Last week Kate got an abscessed tooth. Not fun. We were actually out of town and the whole side of her face swelled up, she had a fever and was obviously uncomfortable so I took her to the urgent care and got some antibiotics for her. On Tues she had a dentist appt and the recommendation was to pull the tooth, didn't go so well, the needle in her gum was terrible and she screamed and kicked around and the dentist had to stop, after another attempt we left with the tooth still in her mouth. Yesterday I took her to a pediatric dentist, she was on nitrous oxide and watching Monsters Inc, she still didn't like having the shot or the tooth pulled but they were great and got the job done, I'm just glad its over. It was a big ole molar, she wanted to wash it, to make it nice for the tooth fairy I think, here is the note she left under her pillow. (sorry I can't get it to rotate)

Here is what the tooth fairy left her. (also I had to check with a friend that its still cool for the tooth fairy to visit a kid in 2nd grade, she was pretty excited this morning and I was a little worried her bubble would be burst when I dropped her off at school)

She was going to get a scooter this weekend anyway for this-

We love our neighbourhood:)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back to school

Wow! life is just zipping by. Today is the 1st day back at school and a new school for the girls. Kate is now in 2nd grade. Sara is starting Kindergarten but that doesn't start until next Tues. Kate was a little nervous but I'm sure she will be fine, there are several kids from her primary class in her class at school so she will already have some familiar faces. I'm not sure about anyone one else but I think I could readily embrace a year round schedule, don't they do 6 weeks of school and then 2 or 3 weeks off? Kate had 11 weeks off school and boy am I ready to be back on a schedule. Still trying to convince Kate to ride her bike to school, we live close enough and did some trial runs over the summer but on 2 of those she fell off her bike, anyone that knows Kate will know that she lost some skin, not terrible but worse than a kid with normal skin and so she is too nervous to ride, my plan is to make her walk a few days this week and I'm sure by next week she'll want to ride:)