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Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I completely forgot about this little trip I took, the 2nd week of July I drove my niece back out to Arizona and the girls and I stayed a couple of days before heading home. The girls were absolutely amazing on the drive there and back and I was quite impressed with myself for making the trip without Eric. We had a fun little stay at Eric's parents house, we did a little birthday celebration with family there and I got to see Nanette!! Nanette is a good friend who I used to live next door too, we still talk on the phone a lot but its nothing like just hanging out.

Kate and her cousins McKenna and Carson.
Me and Nanette - (Kate took this picture) and all the kids.

Nanette's boys showing off their tricks

Sara's little birthday shindig - she was spoiled by everyone.

It rains - even in AZ - I'm not sure my pictures capture it but it was pouring down.

Kate Lynn and Katelyn, Kate really loved hanging out with Eric's cousin Katelyn and loved it that their names were the same.
Swimming in Grandma's pool, Kate is a fish, Sara doesn't quite last as long.

Heading home it was only 86º and one great thing about AZ - gas was cheap!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


O.K. so forget that last post, as this is keeping me up until 1am I deem it blog worthy!! I am reliving my youthful days and trying to subject them onto my children, I have been remembering books I read and loved as a younger me and have spent the last few hours trying find the best deal on them, I can buy them used for like $1.99 but have to pay $3.99 in shipping, sucks. Anyway, books by Enid Blyton, they are the bomb and I am going to order them for Kate unless of course my dad has them stored away somewhere in his house. Also I totally remembered these books - The Magic House by Joe Austen you can read it online by clicking here. This is where ebay comes in handy!!

A show from my younger days - (I may start a series of my fave British kids shows) I'm totally subjecting my kids to this tomorrow, enlarge the screen to full size, grab your kids, sit down and watch this together. And trust me, the theme song is lengendary, I am confident in saying that almost any real Brit could sing it!! Enjoy, I love my homeland, I'm homesick again!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

help me understand the logic...

So I just don't quite get Ebay sometimes, I think its wonderful for the hard to find things, like the baby Jesus that I lost from my Fisher Price Nativity, I couldn't find the thing anywhere else but check on ebay and et voilà, there it is. Anyway, I want to be able to play music in the girls room and thought that an ipod shuffle would be perfect, I could put all their favorites into one place and download some of the new stuff they like, I love my shuffle and I thought that maybe I could find a used one on ebay for a good price. I did find some deals, there are some used ones that begin at $1, I'm not sure how much I'm wiling to pay for used, maybe a max of $20 or $25. Then I found this one and it just baffels me that someone would even put it out there:
USED Apple iPod Shuffle 1GB* MP3 Player-Blue - Buy it now $35.95 and they are charging $14.99 for shipping, that means if you but this used ipod shuffle you are spending a total of $50.94, please help me understand why someone would buy this when you can walk into the Apple Store, or even Target and buy one of these babies brand new for $49?? I find this a lot with ebay, there are some good deals out there but it seems a lot of people end up spending way to much on ebay stuff, when you add in the shipping sometimes people are paying the same price or often more than they could pick it up for in a store. I just don't get it!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara

Wow I can't believe it, your 2!!
You have grown up so much and so very fast, we love you so much.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lake Mohave

Eric's parents rented a houseboat on Lake Mohave over the weekend, our little troop and his 3 brothers plus families all headed out there to enjoy. It was such a fun weekend, I had a hard time trying to pick a few pictures to capture it, I took 166 pictures overall!! The weather was hot, the lake was beautiful and clear, the girls had a great time. Kate loved the swimming and sea-doo rides. On the beach there were these little itty bitty frogs and Sara loved holding them. It was so fun to be with all of Eric's family, they really are an amazing bunch and Eric's parents have done a fabulous job raising 4 wonderful boys. The cousins all got along great and so did the adults, enjoy the pics.