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Friday, June 3, 2011

Schools Out!

Wow, time has flown, I feel like we left LA just weeks ago and yet it has been 6 months. Sara has finished pre-school and did really well, her teacher says she is ready for kindergarten.
Here are her teachers, Miss Kristy and Miss Camille

Here is Kate's teacher Ms Garrett
Kate did really well with the adjustment. It has been fun to see how different things are here, kids walking and biking to school, I still can't quite see myself letting the girls ride bikes or walk to school themselves, I remember doing it as a kid but it still seems a little strange to me to let a 7yr old walk off to school unattended. One of my favorite things about school here is the grass covered yard that the kids play on. In CA it was 90% blacktop, here is is 10% concrete and the rest grass (when it isn't snow covered in winter that is), plus its also at least twice the size of her schools yard in California with 1/2 as many kids. Well, here's to a great summer, swimming lessons begin on Monday:)