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Saturday, April 28, 2007

My two sweet girls

I think (as every parent blindly does) that my girls are just adorable and whenever I look back on Kates baby pictures I always think that they just look so much alike. Today Eric dressed Sara in a hand-me-down outfit from Kate and I wanted to get a picture of Sara in the outfit to see how much alike they look. Sara is taller and thinner than Kate, the outfit is a 12mth and when Kate wore it she was 12mths and probably wore it through to 18mths but Sara fits it already at 9mths and I'm not sure she'll still be in it past 12mths. So here are my precious little girls side by side in all of their cuteness!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Travel Towne

Today Kate, Sara and I went to the Travel Towne Museum by Griffith Park with Michelle and Kien Cooke. Its a really cool place, they have the huge trains that the kids can just get on and roam around, plus its free. To be honest Kate and Kien mostly liked running up and down the grassy hill right by the entrance, we did finally get them to get into 2 of the trains but Kate ended up being in a wierd mood and was scared of the other trains, maybe because she wiped out at the park yesterday and skinned a good portion of the palm of one of her hands. So definetly, Travel Towne is a place to put on your list of places to go and we will be going back for another fun time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ignorance is bliss

I am not an overly materialistic girl, infact, for Eric I think I am pretty low maintenance. However, Eric and I do like the odd cool gadget, mostly when we decide to buy something new and cool we just want to make sure that if we are going to spend a chunk of change on an item it has to be something we would use, a lot. For example, Eric does have an ipod, the 30G one, but he loves it and uses it all the time, neither of us have a palm pilot, we probably just wouldn't use it. I am secretly building up a wish list of all the cool things I want, it wouldn't be so bad but these days everything seems to be in the $300-$500 range. I went to an enrichment activity the other night. It was fun, it was on scrapbooking (and here I have to digress and make a plug, it was just time for people to crop with a creative memories consultant there and if anyone has a desire to begin scrapbooking or needs some products my friend Tanya is a consultant and here is her address www.mycmsite.com/tanyalow ). For those of you who don't know me I am a huge scrapbooker, I love it, it is my creative outlet. I can be found many an evening in my office working on a page or two. For my titles I either use stickers or have letter stencils and stencil out the title and then laboriously cut out the letters, I usually don't mind as I'll have a movie going on in the background and it feels great to have a physical something of accomplishment to show for the day. Anyway, at the scrapbook night there was a girl there (a super scrapper by all accounts) who was telling me about a new product, the "circut", I checked it out and the thing looks amazing, it has cartridges that you load into it, you type in your letters and it cuts them out, wow!! Now I wander my house wondering what in the world I can ebay to raise the $200 this new and amazing 'how in the world did I live without this thing' will cost me. Its along the same lines as the ipod nano with the nike thing that Emily Chamberlain has, she has raved about it to Brooke who has in turn raved about it to me, so now if on the quite obscure chance that I was going to be motivated enough to get out there and burn a calorie or two by running there is no way I can do it now without the nano and its accompanying nike thing. I truly think that ignorance sometimes is bliss!! or at least it would save me a whole lot of money!

Warming up

Its beginning to warm up outside, we have just put our new pool cover on so as soon as the pool heats up a little all are welcome to come over and take a dip. I feel that this will be a fun summer!!

Monday, April 23, 2007


Kate received 2 dresses from my brothers girlfriend for her birthday, one is green (as modeled expertly in the picture) and one is pink. Even though these dresses would not be my first choice, as they look more like night gowns to me (they are actually intended to be beach dresses) without a doubt if she knows they are clean she would choose either her green or pink 'shirt' as she so calls them. Whether its my choice or not she loves them and I can't help it, I just think she is cute. Also we have just entered the 'why' phase. I don't know how one little word can get so annoying!! Although I did have a little chuckle to myself tonight as Eric was giving Kate and Sara their bath, Eric told Kate that there was maybe just a little bit too much water in the tub for Sara, it was followed by about 10 why's and its fun to hear someone else try to come up with as many answers as possible before retorting to the good old "because I said so". I do remember my dear old mum, I am one of four and with all of her motherly wisdom when we would ask "why?" she just simply replied 'z'.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Traditions

One of our traditions is that on a Sunday morning Eric will usually make pancakes. Over time we have tried and tested many a pancake recipe. We were big bisquick fans but then came out the cookbooks and the experimentation begun. We found that Jamie Oliver had a decent recipe but our very favourite is from the good old standard Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. We use the buttermilk recipe, just add a good dose of maple syrup and they are delish!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Joining the band wagon

O.K. so I am joining the band wagon of blogs. My friend Brooke just started hers and its awesome. After seeing it I mentioned to Eric (my fab husband who would also like to be known as Red 5) that maybe we should start one, his comment was "why? who's going to read it?" I replied "Brooke...? my dad maybe..." anyway I hope that more than 2 poeple do read it. Since Brooke started hers I have begun to think about all of the cool people I know and have met over the past 8 years, how our lives have changed and as we have more children and move to bigger and better places how hard it is to keep in touch. That with 2 kids, being on the phone for more than 3 minutes to catch up can be chaos, and even though we may be just 10 miles away or less when you are on the 101 10 miles can become almost impossible. So, when I read Brooke's blog I was inspired at this new and amazing way to keep up with the wonderful friends that I have, I love being able to see pics and keep up with the earth shattering adventures and mind-boggling daily activities of the McCoys. I can't promise daily updates but check back every few days or so and hopefully there'll be some new and exciting stuff going on at the Thompsons's - Sherman Oaks 91403.