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Monday, May 19, 2008


So I'm getting pretty lousy at this and adding to it is the fact that I can't get my camera to sync to the computer anymore. When I finally get my pictures I'll post some of Sara's super cute haircut. Also, something cool happened today - I am a convert to the church and I don't necessarily keep in contact with the missionaries that baptized me except I do try and send a Christmas card and update each year, however, my card to Elder Yost has been coming back the last few times and out of the blue today he called to give me his new address. Kinda threw me off and I really didn't know what to say but it was kinda cool. Maybe I should send him a note because I really do have fond memories of that time in my life, I did have a friend who introduced me to the gospel and asked if I'd like to listen to the missionaries, so they didn't exactly tract me out but I definitely felt of their spirit as they taught me and they really did teach me the restored gospel and play a huge part in my conversion. Anyway, I've never been a missionary so I'm not really sure how bothered they are to stay in contact with the people they help convert but I try just so they know that they did make a difference in my life.
P.S. I hope that everyone hasn't given up on me and stopped checking my blog.


Rebecca said...

No worries Claire! I check your blog all the time and it's good to see something new! ;)

Missionaries LOVE to keep in touch with members that they've worked with. Or at least I know for a fact that all my brothers who have gone on missions and my husband really feel good when members from their mission remember them. :)

It was good to see you at the Ward Activity last night. Also, THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting me know about the site error on my blog. I didn't see anything that it could have been, but I really appreciate being informed of any errors or possible errors. Thank you for supporting my blog. :)

gay said...

i have to admit i was borderline ready to give up on you!!! you're always such a constant i thought something must have happened!!!

Love & Robots said...

Claire, I'm still here too! And I have never been a missionary either, but I think they love to hear from the people they helped convert.

Emily said...

I check your blog every few days. I feel bad that we haven't done anything together in a long time. We should do another date/game night soon. We'll bring the food, you supply the games/movies/etc. We're out of town for Memorial Day but maybe that next weekend or something.