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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm beginning to be able to relax and de-stress, Kate had her final day of school and now we can relax and begin to enjoy the lazy days of summer. As we drove home today we listened to "what time is it" from High School Musical. I'm excited for some quiet days and no pressure of having to be some place. Kate has had a wonderful time in school, here are some pics from her culmination last week.

Kate and Sara all dressed up for the big day and Kate's teacher Mrs Burkley.

Teacher assistants Mrs Trana and Mrs Holquin.

Enjoying cake with friends to celebrate the culmination of the pre-k class. See how Sara is in so many of the pictures? she just can't wait to be like Kate and go to school!


Rachel said...

yay for summer!! is kate excited for kindergarten? i don't know if i'm ready for it or not. to answe your question, yes, madeleine is reading some. getting better and better each day. ian is just like sara, he can't wait to do all the fun things his sister gets to do! we miss you guys!

Tanya said...

they are just so darn cute, you know I love the matching dresses. Sara is so cute in her wanting to be just like big sis. You have such cute little girls. We should get together at some point now that the summer is here :)