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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun weekend

A quick update, we're still around, having fun, we took a quick trip up to Hearst Castle on Friday, stayed overnight in San Luis Obispo and went to the Morro Bay kite festival on Saturday, on our way home we stopped quickly in Atascadero and Pismo Beach, so much fun to be with Eric and the girls. BTW as you drive north the landscape is breathtaking.

Hearst Castle, pretty amazing, not sure the girls truly appreciated it though!

Sara making her kite and flying it at the kite festival.

The girls loved being on the beach, this is Kate's rendition of Hearst Castle complete with Neptune pool and guest houses, she was very proud.
There were sooo many kites, a little hard to make out and on the pier in Pismo Beach.

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Tanya said...

that looks like so much fun. Bryan and the boys are going up there camping in june. It really looks beautiful. We can't wait to see you guys we should plan something soon!!