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Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween roundup

In my feeble attempt to keep my blog up to date I should probably post about Halloween even if it is a week (or 3 late:) We went to Cornbelly's and met up with our friends the Francois', they had lots of fun things to do

Among the favorites were racing the ducks, bouncing on the pillow, Kate loved laying the huge volleyball game, Sara liked these go cart things and of course the corn maze was fun too.

School parade, Kate the magician and Sara as Ariel. I liked the way they did the parade here, in the past at Kate's other school it consisted of the parents cramming around the area where the kids paraded and you couldn't really see anything. Here they put the chairs around the edge and in about 4 rows down the middle of the auditorium and the kids parade up and down the rows so no matter where you are you get a good view.

And trick or treating. This wasn't Kate's best night, she did about 1 street and declared that she had enough candy, was cold and thirsty and wanted to go home. So we went home, I think maybe next year she's going to skip the TT'ing and just stay home and watch a Halloween movie.

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