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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kate turns 9!

I can't believe that we have had this girl for 9 years today!  Love her, she is so awesome.  Here she is on Friday testing for her purple belt in karate.
 With her new purple belt on at the end of the test.
This morning she opened presents before church, she was super hard to buy for this year because she said she had gotten everything she wanted for Christmas.  She ended up with a few hit presents, perplexus,  brainstring and some Harry Potter games and a Harry Potter quiz book.  She was surprised and loved her new stuff.
 We had a family dinner, Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins all came over for dinner bringing her a few more presents, a soccer ball, blockbuster gift card, cash, puzzles and a state quarter collection book.  We had Kate's pick of Orange Chicken for dinner and as it was from Costco it was super easy and yummy.

 Followed by cake, I made a chocolate cake and a green velvet cake roll.
 We ended with a little Just Dance 4.  Fun day for a fun girl.

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Tanya said...

oh my gosh!! NINE! oh my I don't know why are kiddos keep getting older...good thing the same is not happening to us ;)