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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Au Revoir Jonina

This is Jon and Gina Cook, aren't they cute?. My sister-in-law's brother and wife. They aren't really any relation to me but they have been in town all summer and we have had a blast hanging out with them and Chris & Amber. We have especially enjoyed the introduction to the game of Settlers. Last night was their last night, we miniature golfed (Kate and I got a hole in 1!!), so fun. I forgot my camera so no pics, sorry, I did steal this picture from their blog though (did you know you could do that?!) Have a safe drive home, we'll be checking your blog to see the continued adventures of Jonina.

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Jon & Gina said...

You guys are so cute.. I love it!! Even though we are of no official relation, you guys still feel like family. That last night together was a blast, we are safely to our new place back in Utah, but so missing California, and most of all both set's of Thompson's!
By the way I had no idea you could steal pic's like that.. thats pretty dang cool!