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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Weekend in Arrowhead

We loaded up the kids on Friday and set off for Lake Arrowhead. Eric's boss so kindly let us use his cabin and we were joined for the adventure by Chris and Amber, their kids and Amber's brother Jonathan and his new wife Gina. We had a super fun time hanging out and a few great games of settlers in the evenings.

Here we are on Friday evening by the lake as we checked out the local farmers market. Then we had to hit the local grocery store for some staples such as milk, they had a cool car shopping cart and spot our crazy child, she never sits still these days!!

Saturday morning Kate wanted to do a boat ride on the Lake and so we took the tour, the boat was crowded and hot and it was a 45 minute tour, the kids did get a little bored but afterwards when I asked Kate how it was she said she liked it, when I asked her if it was a little long she said "no, it was good" so I'm glad she liked it, our crazy one kept us busy though!!

Saturday afternoon we went to a local event called 'mountain top days' there wasn't a lot going on really but they had fire trucks and Kate was able to play around in them, this alleviates a small amount of my guilt from when I dragged her over to a fire station visit I had arranged for her and some other kids when she had her eroded cornea (long story if you don't already know it!) Anyway, the smile on her face just melts my heart.
Then we rounded off our day and drove up to Big Bear and visited the Moonridge Zoo. It is a really cute zoo, set on only 2.5 acres so it is really small but makes it easy to see everything. They have different animals, no lions, giraffes or elephants, some that I can remember were the grizzly bears, bob cats, wolves, a beaver, foxes, raccoons and a deer that was extremely friendly and licked Kate's wrist. They even have a bear that only has 3 legs, when it was found it had been hit by a car and should have weighed 60lbs, it only weighed 13 and its leg was gangrenous. Anyway, they took off the leg, rehabbed the bear and it can be seen playing around having tons of fun up at the zoo. It was a really fun trip, nice to get away and spend some time with Eric and the girls, its my favourite time just being with them.


Boss Lady said...

Love the pictures. Isn't it wonderful to get away? glad she has a new fire truck experience. glad you got away

Jon & Gina said...

This was such a good time, seriously thank you so so much for inviting us, it was the perfect get away!