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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

manna from heaven.. or the Roberts!!

I'm from England and no Brit that I know eats corn bread, obviously I don't speak for the entire country but I had never heard of corn bread until I came here, when we ate chili growing up we ate it with rice. I don't even really remember where I have tasted cornbread, maybe a dinner we have shared with someone at some point but to be honest I have never really cared for it, the only kind I have ever made is in a box that you can add water too, I really thought that was what corn bread was meant to taste like until last night. My friend Julie knows that Kate has been sick and called to say she was bringing over dinner. I at first, as is my way, began refusing, I already had what I was going to make etc etc, I really need to work on this, just gracious acceptance and, as it ended up, I was missing the onion to make my soup (which - and Brooke you'll appreciate this - I made tonight and it was yack, threw the whole pot away). So Julie brought dinner, she said cornbread and a turkey chili soup now let me tell you if Julie ever tells you she is bringing corn bread over all you say is "what time?", this stuff was to die for, it was a delicious moist thick cakey thing, it had real corn in it and it was still warm out of the oven. Really words can't describe the deliciousness of it but I now look at corn bread in a completely different light, Julie said she'd give me the recipe but I'm a little nervous to know how many calories were in the three pieces I consumed, can anything that tastes that good not be loaded
with calories?
Sorry the pictures don't do it justice!! Sara snagging my corn bread and Kate enjoying her pick me up dinner.


Beth said...

Yum, I want cornbread!

Crazy Lady said...

i do love those roberts.

anniemcq said...

Okay, would it be alright to publish the recipe, or at least shoot me an email. I LOVE good cornbread!

Jon & Gina said...

Looks tasty to me for sure!

Lindsey said...

Yummy. That is so nice! Sorry Kate has been sick. Sounds like the perfect rainy day meal.