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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I sheepishly admit

So I rather sheepishly admit that Eric and I eat quite a few of these little babies. We quite like their panini's and pizza's and today I think I may have just found my favourite, the chicken enchilada suiza. I know its terrible to admit that we eat pre-packaged frozen dinners but I limit them to lunch time and I like that they are portioned controlled, usually Eric wants to eat two but if you combine it with a piece of fruit I think it makes for a reasonably healthy light lunch. I also only buy them when they are on sale which is pretty often, they also usually have them at Target for quite cheap too. Anyway, one of my many vices!!


Amber said...

I don't eat them too often these days, but that one is my favorite also. I agree though. It's a lunch meal, not dinner. At least for me anyway. They aren't too bad.

Jon & Gina said...

mmm I need to look into that cause I am never too sure what to eat for lunch!