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Thursday, July 17, 2008


O.K. so forget that last post, as this is keeping me up until 1am I deem it blog worthy!! I am reliving my youthful days and trying to subject them onto my children, I have been remembering books I read and loved as a younger me and have spent the last few hours trying find the best deal on them, I can buy them used for like $1.99 but have to pay $3.99 in shipping, sucks. Anyway, books by Enid Blyton, they are the bomb and I am going to order them for Kate unless of course my dad has them stored away somewhere in his house. Also I totally remembered these books - The Magic House by Joe Austen you can read it online by clicking here. This is where ebay comes in handy!!

A show from my younger days - (I may start a series of my fave British kids shows) I'm totally subjecting my kids to this tomorrow, enlarge the screen to full size, grab your kids, sit down and watch this together. And trust me, the theme song is lengendary, I am confident in saying that almost any real Brit could sing it!! Enjoy, I love my homeland, I'm homesick again!!


Brent and Emily said...

That was SO cute! :)

Lisabella said...

I want you to come to our children's book club! We read children's books and teenage fiction. Our next meeting is BYOB-Bring Your Own Book--a favorite from your childhood....well, if you can't come, I need a list of yours. Are you on Goodreads?

Jen said...

I wanna be an honorary Brit! I'm homesick for your homeland too and I've never even been there! ;)

Tanya said...

Kevin watched it, he like it, especially the cat. He has been meowing now for 10 minutes :)