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Monday, August 18, 2008

another recommendation

I took the girls to the library today, Sara was a little wild and so I told Kate she had to grab a few books and we would read them at home. This was one she picked out and I'm quite impressed, have any of you heard of these books? I've put some others from the series on hold and they even have some on DVD at the library (but it seems holds cannot be placed on DVDs)and at blockbuster so when they are available Blockbuster will send me them. Yippee, its always great to find fun educational books.


Stevens Family said...

It's a TV series-I believe that's where the Magic School Bus series actually started?? Good series though!

Brent and Emily said...

I was totally a Magic School Bus fan as a kid. I watched the tv series almost religiously. Good find!

Crazy Lady said...

we have one of those. i never heard of it as a kid...i must be out of the loop :)

i self-banning myself from the library due to unneccessary fines because i forgot to renew and forgot to return....boo hoo