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Monday, August 4, 2008

Cleansing quote, my weeks inspiration

So this week the girls and I are cleaning our 'castle', I have been irritated lately by my messy house, in general Eric and I both dislike clutter but one way or another it begins to sneak in so I decided that this week I'd take a section of the house one day at a time and go from there. Today was my room and bathroom, can you believe these trash bags? one is recycling, one trash and the other donate. In all fairness its not all actually mine and Eric's, there is a lot of the girls junk in our room, anyway, today it became cleansed!! lets hope I can keep it that way.

For inspiration I found this great quote from Peter Walsh a noted international organizational expert (he's even been on Oprah):

Everyone deals with clutter to some degree, whether its clothes bursting out of our closets, boxes that stop us from parking in the garage, bills and paperwork that are spread over the dining room table or kids' toys that seem to cover every square foot of the home. When the stuff we own starts to own us, the message is clear: What we own is stopping us from living the life that should be ours. I'll share a secret with you: If you focus on the stuff as you attempt to get organized you will never succeed. Never!

I learned long ago that the very first step in successfully de-cluttering your home and getting organized is to ask yourself what kind of life you want to be living. What do you want from your life or your home or each room in your home? Only when you have a clear answer to those questions can you then look at what you own and ask, "Does this item move me closer to the life I want or father away from it?" "Does this item help me achieve the life I want or not?"

If it does, hold onto it. If not, what's it doing in your home?

That is my inspiration for the week, I desire to have a relaxing and clean abode that allows me to create my many 'projects', the thing is I don't like to sit down to do anything scrapbook, sew, read, blog, until all is clean and tidy, I am a little weird I don't even like to grocery shop unless I can bring my groceries home to a clean kitchen and fridge. I just can't 100% relax and so I have taken this quote and successfully de-cluttered my bedroom. The biggie for me was the big stack of Ensign's I have not been able to let go of, I feel that I should read them but today I realised they are not helping me achieve the life I want and so out with the old and I kept the most recent 2, a goal I think I can keep on top of. Wish me luck with the rest of the house, there are a few rooms and dark corners I am afraid to tackle!!


The Peterson's said...

Thank you for this! I am trying to convince Nick that a piano could really fit in our apartment and realized that the only way I'll succeed is if I declutter and then reorganize all that remains. Good luck to you too! :)

Sarah said...

Claire, look at you! Getting all organized! I think everybody has clutter all over their house, except for Alli Spencer. Ha! I've seen Peter Walsh on Oprah and I really like what he has to say. Thanks for the inspiration to help me get started . . . maybe on something small for today!

Brent and Emily said...

Awesome! I need to put that into practice in my house. I realized the other day that I am so much more pleasant and generally more happy with myself when the house is clean. Good quote! Thanks!!

Crazy Lady said...

hey, an idea for old ensigns. give them to your teachers or song lady to cut up and use in lessons on posters and or sharing time...mine are all ripped to shreds now but love that they were used. or let your girls hack them up :)

see you soon, going to the airport within the hour, everything's packed and i'm just killing time!

Lane Morgan said...

We're trying to de-clutter my parents house and it is a monster of a task! Good luck!

Jen said...

You go sista! Doesn't it feel SO great to cleanse stuff? I love tackling clutter, it gets addictive after awhile. I hope I can keep it up after little one arrives. I adore Peter Walsh, he's fantastic! He's also Australian so you know I love him automatically! ;)

anniemcq said...

Oh, we've been doing this all summer. I feel like it's an every day event here. I'm impressed that you only had three bags! I could do three bags every day for a week, and still have work to do!

Nicely done, friend. And I really like the quote, too.