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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day & book covers

Hope you all had a fun and safe memorial day. There were a few different things going on around us but as we discussed plans on Sunday night with our friends we decided to stay home, hang out and play games and then Rebecca had a genius idea of a fire and s'mores. We scoured around trying to see what we could use to improvise as a fire pit and came up with this huge terracotta pot. It was awesome and I have a feeling this may be our new thing, an evening fire with s'mores. Check out Rebecca's blog for more (and better) pics.

Kate roasting her 1st ever marshmallow, she never actually ate them, she just roasted them.

Hanging out with with our friends, the Coopers and the Bagleys.

Also here is my new crafty thing, making book covers for the RS manual, I've been giving them away to sisters who substitute teach a RS lesson, super easy to make. If you'd like one and don't want to bother with making one I'd be happy to make you one for $5 to cover the cost of materials.


Hillary said...

S'mores in your backyard? That's awesome and makes my microwave s'mores seem a little desperate - ha ha! Also, your bookcovers are really brilliant and I love the fabrics.

THE VEA DUO said...

love your book covers! i might have to give you 5 bucks to make me one too!

s'mores are chris' fave. i'm not a fan. way too sweet for my taste...although, i love roasted marshmellows!

Brent and Emily said...

Fun, fun!

I love the book covers. Super cute.