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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Need Advice

O.K., I need some help, I have really UGLY feet (no there will not be a picture), they are pretty mis-shapen, big bunions. I went to a podiatrist yesterday, he came recommended by some friends in the ward and has worked on Eric's feet so I took the plunge and saw him. I know that the only fix is surgery and he went over everything with me, but its surgery and that's a big thing. Basically based on my x-rays he recommends the fusion of the bone in my foot that is close to my ankle because of how my bones are, this is more invasive and would mean a cast for 6 weeks but would be a better and more permanent fix than something more minor. The bones in my foot are not actually straight so if he does the less invasive surgery there is a higher chance of recurrence. Here's my pros and cons list:-

I'm young (well not totally but on the younger side of 50!)
I don't have babies that need carrying around
Found a good doctor, I like and trust.
Have good insurance right now
My feet will probably get worse
I could possibly wear open toe shoes (its vain so I don't know if I should count it)

Its surgery
Cast for 6 weeks - no driving
Strangely enough, my feet actually don't hurt right now
Feet are pretty important and used a whole lot, I'm concerned that after going under the knife once healed I will have pain and discomfort.

I really feel that if I'm going to do this now is probably the right time but I can't help but feel I'm doing it for purely cosmetic reasons as my feet really don't hurt, although it is do it now or possibly later in life. Any advice? Anyone had surgery on their feet?


Vickie said...

Dr. Lee is awesome! But I don't know if you should have the surgery at all - however, if I were doing any surgery I would do the one that was invasive and fixed the problem completely, rather than have a little now and a lot later.

Crazy Lady said...

I had similar surgery when i 21 and loved it. meaning, i haven't thought it for 5 seconds since then and forget i even had that problem with my feet.

do it do it.

you don't want to wish you did this when you are 50.

nobody has ugly feet. feet are feet lady. but i'd still do the surgery.

agree with vickie.

Jen said...

I would do the whole shebang because your feet are your entire support system and if they aren't right it could lead to back problems, balance...etc. I'm sure you know all of this but I would do it now and have Eric pamper you for 6 weeks!! ;) It's weird cuz I'm having major foot pain right now and don't know why so I need to go to the doc and see what's up. Let us know what you decide! Miss you!

THE VEA DUO said...

DO IT! You'll feel great, you have great insurance...The pro list and the simple fact that you'll feel better about your feet makes me say do it. (post before and after pics) ;)

Sarah said...

I'm with everyone else. I think you should do the surgery. I think the only real annoying thing on the con list is not being able to drive. I think in the end you'll be happy you took care of it now and not have to worry about it in the future or have any kind of recurrence of anything.

Claire said...

I think you should do it too. You are young and will heal so much faster than if you wait.
Good Luck!
Oh, and I think increasing your shoe choices definitely counts as a pro!

Miki said...

claire dahling, so sorry to go against the crowd, but, um, well, i had foot surgery when i was 20...and ever since, i've had swelling, my feet are a size & 1/2 bigger than they were, i often have foot pain & discomfort NOW which i never had before...
if i had to do it over again i'm not sure what i'd do. i actually only had it because i rec'd a coupon for a free foot exam, & the podiatrist said my feet were misaligned & i should correct it while i was young & had good insurance. these things were true (i guess) but i actually have more of a "bunion" (small misalignment, i can brave showing you:):) -now than i had then. the biggest problem is the constant SWELLING, especially in the summer!! many people i know who've had the foot surgery have needed to have it more than once, as the bones "slide back". anyway, just wanted to give you a well-rounded view. i WISH i had had the experience "crazy lady" had...that was the experience i was hoping for...but instead i just got bigger feet (we call them "fat foochies", ) & lots of aches & pains. if it's not broken, maybe don't fix it?? (if you DO fix it i'm glad to hear you're found a world-class doctor!!:)