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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sara's 3

Sara turned 3 last Sunday, it was kind of a weird day with church for 3hrs smack in the middle, Eric also has to stay later as the financial clerk and then he had a priesthood meeting to go to in the evening. Even with all that going on we managed to squeeze in a little birthday celebration with family. Then on Monday we had a little party with friends.

As I look at the pictures I keep thinking its Christmas, its not, we just have lots of Christmas paper and no birthday paper! I think 3 is the first year kids get the whole gift thing.

Sara got a doll house, she played with it until the very last moment before we had to leave to go to church.


Then came the celebration with friends, we had a few friends for some party games which lasted all of 15 minutes of the hour I had planned and then the kids played, some swam and I made hot dogs for lunch. We kicked off with a birthday craft, lots of stickers, another favourite of Sara's.

This is her little friend Xander, most of all she wanted Xander at her party.

We also kind of had a lollipop theme as Sara loves lollipops (notice the cupcake plus lollipop), plus purple and pink, so I scattered lollipop flowers and set out lollipop flower bouquet's.

Lots and lots of lollipops!


Beth said...

Happy Birthday Sara!!! We might come to the beach with you Weds. by the way. Depends on a couple things. I'm definitely going this week though. It is HOT!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Sara!! I cannot believe she is 3! I better get used to the idea since my baby will be 3 in October. Where has the time gone?

Brent and Emily said...

Woah, woah, woah! Who said she could turn 3?! I still think of her as the little baby I snuggled to help me through those first few (terrible) months of fertility treatments.

Happy Birthday, Sara! :)

Rebecca said...

Haha! I love Sara's morning hair. What a fun birthday!

Tanya said...

Sara is so dang cute, Kevin loves her by the way, he told me so the other day. the little party was so cute and I think the games lasted 30 minutes not just 15, lol