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Sunday, May 30, 2010

loose ends

Yippe, I finally managed to complete some loose ends, on a re-purposing kick lately, I've made a bunch of skirts for Sara from old dresses that are now too short but cut them off below the armpits, add a stretchy waistband and voila, cute skirt. My next project - making a dress from an old shirt (hence the nasty stain) of Eric's, neither girls would wear it, I think I need to work on the elastic around the arms but a shirt we were going to throw out so it was a good one for a practice run. Got the idea here.

Wanted an FHE board forever but never found one I loved, with ideas from a few friends I came up with this, (got the vinyl lettering here)I love it, and with my chalkboard paint I added some chalk areas to my kitchen for the girls to scribble on. Love the chalkboard paint BTW, wandered around thinking of what else I can use it on!!

Got the carpets shampooed, actually I should say cleaned as its a no soap thing, guy in our ward, very nice guy works for a company called ZeroRez, we have white carpet, it frequently looks very not-so-white, still haven't put the furniture back, the girls like sitting in the chair high up.

Hope you have a fun memorial day weekend, we'll be off to the beach to work on 'Kate's Shel Clecshin'.


Rachel said...

what a fun bunch of projects! i especially love the shell collection. isn't 6 year old spelling the best?!

Tanya said...

I love your family home evening board, did you buy the chalkboard or use chalkboard paint on something? It turned out way cute. now I want to use the chalkboard paint somewhere in my house!

Gina and Jon said...

Love the family home evening board, what a cute idea.