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Saturday, May 8, 2010


My girls are sooooo different, anyone who knows them knows this, here is an example

Sara for dinner chose a salad, Kate a hamburger.
Sara does not really like to eat out, Kate would eat at In & Out, Panda Express, The Habit or Old MacDonalds everyday if I allowed her to, or at home mac 'n' cheese, pizza or noodles would be her 1st choices, Sara would prefer veggies and fruit. This week though I have been on a roll, 3 dinners in a row have met with Kate's approval, Asian Lettuce Wraps, I made mine with ground turkey, salmon patties and pictured above a hamburger, grilled at home though and she actually ate lettuce on it (usually she is strictly a meat, bun and ketchup girl) because she had picked it at Underwood farms earlier that day.

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