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Friday, June 18, 2010

Rain drops on roses....

Here are a few of my favourite things lately.

Homemade popsicles. I was making my own mixture with berries, yogurt, bananas but this is way easier and just as good. I use Naked's mighty mango, pour into popsicle molds (4 for 3 on amazon, the rocket ships are my favourite for size), freeze and voila, healthy popsicles at a reasonable price too, the juice is $5.99 and I get about 30 popsicles out of it, maybe one or two more. Perfect for summer!
This cute girl who loves tigers and all other big cats, just ordered her Ranger Rick to keep her love of animals alive and click because she has also loved science this year. I googled and found a $9 off coupon.
How can this not be a favourite thing? she wanted her hair wrapped like mine after her bath.
And I'm getting into re-purposing stuff and loving it, I have 2 girls, but 2 very different girls, Kate loves to wear jeans and Sara calls them hard pants and loves to wear sweats and skirts, here is a pair of Kate's old cords that I made into a skirt using this tutorial, not the best picture but it did make a cute skirt, if anyone tries it I only did a 2 panel skirt and the tutorial is for an adult skirt just in case you have an old pair of pants you may want to make into a skirt for yourself.


Rebecca said...

Cute cute cute CUTE post!!!!

Oh yum, I want to make those Popsicles so bad. I still haven't found the molds, but I'm sure I'll come across them soon. I love summer, because no other time do Popsicles taste so good!

Tanya said...

I can't believe how big the girls are getting. everytime I see them they are just looking older seriously it is so hard to believe that Sara is only turning 4 next month it is just crazy. we should get together again soon. that was so fun!!