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Monday, May 16, 2011

This Is The Place

This was a few weeks ago, we took the girls one Saturday to This Is The Place Heritage Park, it was so fun to see life as it was in pioneer times, we bought a pass and look forward to going back when they have more open, I guess they don't usually open everything until the summer, here are a few things we got to see.

Kate's absolute favorite was the baby chicks, she could have spent all day in the barn picking them up and holding them, even Sara got brave enough to pick them up herself. They also had bunnies and other farm animals to pet.

Sara's favorite was the pony ride, unlimited pony rides with the membership, yep they go around like 2 or 3 times but Sara loved it and would get right back in line to ride again.

The school was fun too, Kate liked trying to copy the fancy writing demonstrated on the blackboard and Sara loved just drawing pictures.

Sheep shearing demo, amazing to see the difference in manual shearing and using mechanical clippers. Cool street performers, these kids were amazing, seriously they had to be no more than 15 and they were all amazing.

Pioneer games, so cute. At this house they also had a lady in costume showing how the laundry was done using the washboard, the kids got to help and Sara loved this one even though they didn't use any water because it was a fairly cold day.

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