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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Addition

I wish I was posting about a new baby but I'm not, not that kind of baby anyway, maybe TMI but been trying for a while to get pregnant and its just not happening so instead we got some baby chicks. They are so cute. Since Britain died its been a little strange not having a pet, nice not having anything to worry about and I certainly didn't want to go out and get another dog so we decided on chickens instead, fairly low maintenance and they are outside pets, plus there is the upside of fresh eggs. We got 2 silver laced wyandotte's and 2 buff orpingtons, both supposed to be good breeds for being handled by kids. They currently reside in our garage in a big box under a heat lamp until they grow a little and it gets warmer when they will move outside to a coop. The girls love them and aside from checking their food and water they have been easy, I'm not sure if anyone who reads this blog lives close but if you do and want to come over and play with the baby chicks your more than welcome, they are super cute and I figure the more they are handled now the more used to it they will be. The girls have re-named them a few times, right now they are called, nuggets, sweetheart, peepers and either mayonnaise or oatmeal. Kate's little chick loves her and will just sit comfortably in her hand, Sara's really good with them too, a little rougher but the chicks have survived it all so far.

Like I said they are easy but messy with their food, they do eat a lot but about 1/4 of it at least gets kicked out of the feeder and into their box and they are constantly kicking the pine shavings into their water so aside from cleaning that out once or twice a day and re-filling their food they have been easy.


agirlnamedgay said...

That was a good idea, I'm sure the girls are in heaven. Sorry to hear about your baby struggles. xoxo

Beth said...

Chicks!!! How cute! Love that.

Ditto on the baby struggles. I'll be sending you some good baby vibes and prayers.