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Monday, March 19, 2012

Kate the Great turns 8

Wow, love this girl, I can't believe it, Kate is 8, I'm ready for my kids to stop having birthdays now. We began the day with her gifts, then we headed to Hang Time for her party, she had so much fun, about 11 kids came and it was the perfect amount, all the kids had a blast and Kate kept saying that everytime she looked around she saw her friends. Her pick for birthday cake was a costco red velvet cake, yummy and easy for me.

the kids bounced for almost 2 hours, here is Kate taking a little rest break.

I gave Kate a little birthday interview today (totally stole this idea from someone elses blog)

what is your name: Kate Lynn Thompson

how old are you: 8

what is your favorite color: orange, black, white and red

favorite food: hot dogs

favorite TV show: wild kratts

favorite movie: Harry Potter

what do you want to be when you grow up: a dolphin trainer

favorite subject at school: recess

what about something you do in the classroom: math games except I don't always understand who's turn it is

who is your teacher: ooohhhh! I love her, Mrs Hartley

favorite primary song: follow the prophet

favorite scripture story: where Nephi kills Laban

who is your best friend: Brady

favorite thing about yourself: I am really tough

when you are older do you want to go on a mission: only if I can go to Maine because Maine is so far away

do you want to go to college: no, because you have to work so hard

anything else you want to add: I don't like my skin condition because I have to get blisters popped every once in a while (sad but true fact of my sweet girls life)

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