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Saturday, April 28, 2007

My two sweet girls

I think (as every parent blindly does) that my girls are just adorable and whenever I look back on Kates baby pictures I always think that they just look so much alike. Today Eric dressed Sara in a hand-me-down outfit from Kate and I wanted to get a picture of Sara in the outfit to see how much alike they look. Sara is taller and thinner than Kate, the outfit is a 12mth and when Kate wore it she was 12mths and probably wore it through to 18mths but Sara fits it already at 9mths and I'm not sure she'll still be in it past 12mths. So here are my precious little girls side by side in all of their cuteness!!


Boss Lady said...

That is pretty crazy. I had to take a double take. I should do that when Baylie is bigger, although I don't think her and Darby will look much alike. lindsey and I never looked alike growing up nor courtney. did you look like your sister?

English Garden said...

no, not at all. My sis and my youngest bro looked alike and me and my middle bro.