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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Joining the band wagon

O.K. so I am joining the band wagon of blogs. My friend Brooke just started hers and its awesome. After seeing it I mentioned to Eric (my fab husband who would also like to be known as Red 5) that maybe we should start one, his comment was "why? who's going to read it?" I replied "Brooke...? my dad maybe..." anyway I hope that more than 2 poeple do read it. Since Brooke started hers I have begun to think about all of the cool people I know and have met over the past 8 years, how our lives have changed and as we have more children and move to bigger and better places how hard it is to keep in touch. That with 2 kids, being on the phone for more than 3 minutes to catch up can be chaos, and even though we may be just 10 miles away or less when you are on the 101 10 miles can become almost impossible. So, when I read Brooke's blog I was inspired at this new and amazing way to keep up with the wonderful friends that I have, I love being able to see pics and keep up with the earth shattering adventures and mind-boggling daily activities of the McCoys. I can't promise daily updates but check back every few days or so and hopefully there'll be some new and exciting stuff going on at the Thompsons's - Sherman Oaks 91403.


Beth said...

I love your blog! The pictures of your girls are so adorable. Hope you guys are settling in well in Sherman Oaks. If you want to check out a different kind of LDS mommy blog, try talesfromthecrib.blogspot.com
It's kinda fun. Hope to see you guys soon.

Boss Lady said...

Yes! Another one in internet world.. . I love your Blog too! Its darling and its soo you. Very cute. Love the pictures. I have checked out Beth's too and it is great. tell me if you figure out cool tricks. You should check out the vegas mccoys, she has lots of cool stuff. Wahoo!

Amber said...

Hey, I noticed your link on Brookes blog. Yay. I'm glad you started a blog too. They are lots of fun. So now you have at least three people wondering how you are doing. Brooke, your dad, and me. Actually, you probably have a lot of people checking out your blog.