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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ignorance is bliss

I am not an overly materialistic girl, infact, for Eric I think I am pretty low maintenance. However, Eric and I do like the odd cool gadget, mostly when we decide to buy something new and cool we just want to make sure that if we are going to spend a chunk of change on an item it has to be something we would use, a lot. For example, Eric does have an ipod, the 30G one, but he loves it and uses it all the time, neither of us have a palm pilot, we probably just wouldn't use it. I am secretly building up a wish list of all the cool things I want, it wouldn't be so bad but these days everything seems to be in the $300-$500 range. I went to an enrichment activity the other night. It was fun, it was on scrapbooking (and here I have to digress and make a plug, it was just time for people to crop with a creative memories consultant there and if anyone has a desire to begin scrapbooking or needs some products my friend Tanya is a consultant and here is her address www.mycmsite.com/tanyalow ). For those of you who don't know me I am a huge scrapbooker, I love it, it is my creative outlet. I can be found many an evening in my office working on a page or two. For my titles I either use stickers or have letter stencils and stencil out the title and then laboriously cut out the letters, I usually don't mind as I'll have a movie going on in the background and it feels great to have a physical something of accomplishment to show for the day. Anyway, at the scrapbook night there was a girl there (a super scrapper by all accounts) who was telling me about a new product, the "circut", I checked it out and the thing looks amazing, it has cartridges that you load into it, you type in your letters and it cuts them out, wow!! Now I wander my house wondering what in the world I can ebay to raise the $200 this new and amazing 'how in the world did I live without this thing' will cost me. Its along the same lines as the ipod nano with the nike thing that Emily Chamberlain has, she has raved about it to Brooke who has in turn raved about it to me, so now if on the quite obscure chance that I was going to be motivated enough to get out there and burn a calorie or two by running there is no way I can do it now without the nano and its accompanying nike thing. I truly think that ignorance sometimes is bliss!! or at least it would save me a whole lot of money!

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Boss Lady said...

This is my favorite entry yet. You do write well and are so witty, what are you talking about? I love it!