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Monday, September 24, 2007

I love this man..

I love this man because...

He always tells me I'm beautiful

He will go out and get treats if I ask no matter how much I have made him promise not to buy treats

He never complains if the house is messy, he will just help me clean up

He never questions the way I mother our children

He is an amazing father and our girls adore him

He is a very thoughtful husband

He will get up in the night with one of the girls and still get up with them in the morning so I can sleep a little extra, without complaint

He works hard and is a great provider

He is happy for me to stay home with the girls

He speaks a foreign language

He makes me feel safe

He never complains when I spend too much money

He eats whatever I cook and always says its delicious

He's very supportive of my trips to England and is accepting of my family even though they are a little different

He has a great sense of humor

He is handsome and sweet and kind

And when I asked him to build me a picnic table he did, and its brilliant.


Shake Your Booty Bossy Lady said...

Love the table! Go Eric!

gay said...

yeah... the table is done!!! it looks great! you guys are a cute couple!

anniemcq said...

Claire, this is so sweet. And that table is completely BOSS! Great job, Eric!

Rachel said...

eric is so handy! you two are a very lucky pair! a perfect couple!

Jon & Gina said...

The picnic table turned out so perfect, it looks so good! You guys are really cute, and I miss you! I hope I get to see the table during Thanksgiving!