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Monday, October 8, 2007

Random Post

I just don't seem to have the time to keep up with this blog thing or it maybe that not too much of anything is going on so I have decided to lump a weeks worth of randomness into one post. I originally had an idea to post some baby pictures of me, Eric and Sara to prove that she looks somewhat like me, I have had numerous comments lately about how much like Eric she looks. I went through and got the pictures and realised that it was a mute point as the baby pictures really do prove that she does look like Eric!!

I made some soup on Saturday evening and it didn't turn out as good as it previously has, I also made bread which wasn't too great either. The pictures above are of soup and bread I made yesterday, a Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Soup and Rosemary bread, right out of the oven it is delish!! SO many people tell me they can't or are afraid to make bread but it really is so easy, here is what I did with the rosemary bread as the recipe is for a bread machine which I do not have but it is easy without, just mix the yeast and water (I just put my kitchen tap on the hottest and let it run for a minute, it is usually warm enough but not too hot), let it sit for 10 minutes. Then with dough hook on my kitchenaid I put the yeast mixture in the bowl, as the dough hook turns add everything but the flour, let it mix for about 30 seconds and then add all the flour, in one go, and as soon as it comes together a little I put on the timer for 8 minutes and let the kitchenaid knead my bread. It makes kind of a sticky dough, then I put it in an oiled bowl, cover with a tea towel and let it rise till doubled, my preferred spot for rising dough is a window that light has coming in through, otherwise just in my kitchen its usually warm enough, sometimes it takes a little over an hour to double though if its a little cooler than normal. Then punch it down, and its still very soft and a little sticky so just mush it in your hands to the shape of your loaf pan, into the loaf pan to rise again then when doubles again bake at 375 for about 30-35 minutes. A tip I just read is that iodized salt does not mix well with yeast, I usually use the kosher flake salt from Trader Joes. Anyway, try the bread, it really is good. The soup is great too and I think pretty nutritious, chickpeas, canned tomatoes, spices and fresh baby spinach.

Sorry for the picture but here is life with EB, Kates little toe got a blister, they grow and this one got away from us, it totally encased the whole toe before I popped it. Then to make it a little worse two nights later whilst she was sleeping she must have rubbed it as the skin covering it from the blister peeled back and just left a poor raw toe. Amazingly enough it has healed in a week and Kate hardly complained at all, although she is wising up to how this can benefit her as she explained to me "I have to watch a movie cos my toe is owie!" Anyway, why gross you out with all this? if you live in So Cal or anywhere that has a Ralph's you can sign your Ralph's card up for a community contribution. They will donate a percentage of what you spend to certain charities, it may not seem like much but I'm sure it all adds up. So to sign up (and you have to re-register every September) go to http://www.ralphs.com/ and click on community contribution on the menu on the left. Where its says participant click on sign up. On the sign up screen it asks for an NPO number, for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation type in 81963 and every time you shop money will be donated to to research for EB. Check out the EBMRF website.

Finally, need a good read? James Herriot writes my all time favourite books. I'm not sure why, my love of England, animals or longing for a simpler lifestyle? He paints with his words an absolutely breath taking picture of the Yorkshire Dales, I am actually from Lancashire but the counties boarder each other, always when winter rolls around (even though it doesn't feel too much like winter today) I feel the longing to re-read these books. The library has them, he has a few different ones but I believe this is the first, they are all great though and they also have the DVD's of the TV series but I am a purist, read the books first. For kids we just checked out Room on the Broom and its is a delightful read and great for this time of year too.


gay said...

Ok claire, this may seem like avery naive question, but since I know so little about Kate's disease, I am going to ask. Do some people die from something due to the disease? Looking at the EB quilt, they are mainly deceased, right? help me understand a little better!!

Shake Your Booty Bossy Lady said...

I just registered. :) Good that my excessive shopping can be good for something :) kate is a trooper man, she is one tough cookie. she deserves a show definitely

English Garden said...

Gabrielle, in the most severe form yes babies often do not survive beyond days or weeks, (read Ava Elizabeth Medeiros or Brogan Ayre
story by clicking on their names on the EB quilt)
in the non-lethal but pretty severe forms there is skin cancer and always the risk of infection, which is one of the main complications for Kate which we have fortunatly not had yet. We need to rotate her ointments for wounds, neosporin, bacitracin and polysporin so that she doesn't build up a resistance. Kates form although unknown right now is really mild and she is lucky, we never forget that.

anniemcq said...

Claire - you are such an awesome mom. You have worked so hard to understand Claire's syndrome (is it a syndrome?), and when it's something rare, that's pretty hard to do. Your girls and your husband are so lucky to have you in their corner.