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Friday, December 14, 2007

Scrouge is in the house

Check out these cute pictures, Kate had a complete breakdown (apologies to Julie who witnessed it via the phone) and after she calmed down was being extra sweet with Sara, they had apparently been playing by the Christmas tree and in they walk from the living room holding hands and each sporting an ornament, they are oh! so cute and one of the reasons of my very existence.

Then Sara breaks her ornament, and you know that's O.K., things get broken but then she goes into the living room and just as I finish cleaning up the 1st broken one she breaks another on the fireplace. Anyway, here is a picture of my sad, sorry looking excuse for a tree.

It did have candy canes on it but Sara has pulled all the ones off within her reach and broken them, she also pulls off pretty much everything else within her reach including the ribbon, anyway I feel like just pulling it down and not having a tree this year, hence the title. I am suffering from tree envy after reading Rachels blog!! All this is not helped by the fact that tonight Eric claimed in a very disgruntled manner that he wanted a tree skirt, for 10 years this has not bothered him but tonight it did and so he wraps a blanket around the bottom of our tree and I am now faced with the ultimatum of a tree skirt which I have neither the time, money or energy to go and buy or a throw blanket, please post comment, Eric is apt to read my blog and my cries of its fine without a tree skirt and the blanket looks a bit crap are falling on deaf ears. Anyway, I love my nativity so I put up a picture of that too.

And when my dad was in town we went to the outlets and he bought me a new Le Creuset pot, I'm sure he was wondering why I wanted such a huge pot. The answer - to cook delicious soup in, its especially good if you add crushed tortilla chips and the rest of my clan add cheese too, my pictures aren't too good and the one of Eric's bowl is when he was going for 2nd's, you know its good when they go back for more right?. For sure try this one this winter it is chocked full of hearty goodness.

And couldn't resist posting these, my girls are just too cute!! On our return from England security at Manchester airport wouldn't let us bring back her Dora bat which she got on her birthday from Luke and Darby, so sadly we had to leave it behind. So... we went to target for a new bat, we always play baseball at our house, usually whilst waiting for daddy to get home and whilst shopping for a new bat Kate found the hats and both girls loved trying them on.


Crazy Lady said...

Go get a tree skirt, I agree with Eric. But here is the rub, go to Marschalls, TJ Max, or Ross to get it...they are cheap and unique.

i'm totally going to make the soup, thanks! and my tree is undecorated from half down too. them darn kids.good thing they are cute.

beth said...

Yeah, maybe you'll find a good tree skirt at TJ Maxx or somewhere. I agree that it looks better, but all the ones I like are always so expensive, and the cheap ones at Target just look CHEAP! Either invest in a nice one, or get lucky and find one at the discount stores that still looks decent.

I think your tree looks awesome by the way.

Rachel said...

wow, for that soup recipe you would need a huge pot. it looks so yummy! i may try cutting the recipe in half, but it definitely looks like one to try. thanks for the recommendation.

and oh yes, you must get a tree skirt! i got mine at marshalls and i really love it! i saw a really beautiful one at cost plus the other day--a lovely red with a paisley design and gold trim. i didn't need one, so i didn't check the cost, but i'm sure you could find something really awesome there. and definitely unique.

you may have tree envy thanks to my tree, but if it makes you feel any better i have total nativity-envy after seeing your willow tree collection. it's so gorgeous!

Jon & Gina said...

I love your nativity.. love, and I still need to make that soup.. specially cause yours looks so tasty! I also have to say I'm a fan of the tree skirt thing!