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Monday, December 17, 2007

A wonderful glittery winter wonderland

I had this crazy idea of creating a winter wonderland in the primary room by hanging snowflakes from the ceiling. I found this great website that has some free snowflake patterns and my awesome hubby helped me cut out numerous snowflakes and didn't complain as I added glitter to them so they would sparkle. I love glitter, its one of my favourite things about Christmas crafts. And Sara hung out in the primary room yesterday, she was most happy sitting by our amazing pianist Sis. Vickie Kern, this girl I could learn a whole lot from she is not only amazing on the piano but just in general she is amazing and a fab mom to boot.

And Kate is all ready for winter, she went on a walk with Eric and Britain last night all bundled up and looking cute. We went on a walk with Britain this morning too and I have to say this is my perfect weather, I'm not sure of the temp, weather.com says its 59ºF but it has to be warmer than that. In the direct sun it was very pleasant, this is my ideal summer weather, I am definitely in the wrong state!!

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Jon & Gina said...

I love the snowflakes and really all things Christmas! I'm jealous of your weather.. it's freezing here sometimes to the point that I don't want to leave my house! I'm hoping that passes soon!