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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Girls night

Tonight Eric is gone, he is camping with the boy scouts so the girls and I decided to have a girly night. A few of you may have heard me say that my girls are just not girly so tonight I decided to promote some girliness. We rented Cinderella and on the way home we stopped off to get some nail polish. It was so fun, Kate loved it, she especially loved having her nails painted, its the first time I have ever done it. Mostly Kate's nails don't grow well, she looses them quite often and slight bumps to her nails will result in blood blisters forming underneath until the nail eventually falls off. Anyway, bad nails aside I decided we'd do it, after I painted her fingers she asked me to do her toes, what can I say? her toe nails are very hard to describe but I painted whatever of them I could and she just can't wait to show them all off to her daddy when he gets home tomorrow. Oh! and I rented the movie Waitress for myself - a little chick flick alone time to craft in - cute ending but hard to describe the beginning and middle, not too many redeeming qualities. Oh well.

More girliness, Sara loves beads but unfortunately this day she looked a little more gangsta wearing her bling than girly!! and Kate in her dress up, she says the top is too itchy, it must be her skin as her friend Madeline wore one of her dresses sans an undershirt and seemed fine in it.

Project - candied orange peel, it turned out O.K., its maybe a little on the bitter side so I need to try it again, think I may even try grapefruit peel next time. Also stay tuned for my current project, I'm trying to make a box look like the golden plates that the kids pick candy out of as they pass off their monthly scripture.


Beth said...

Candied orange or grapefruit peel sounds so good to me. Save me some! :)

Jon & Gina said...

I think that Girls nights are so needed every once in a while and I'm glad you guys has so much fun! getting your nails painted is also just one of those girly things I love!

Crazy Lady said...

i want to try them!

you need some red polish! and bright pink. the more obnoxious (sp?) the better.

Lisabella said...

Domestic Goddess! You never stop. I love to see people try new things. New recipes, sewing projects, saving the world, painting your nails. Go Girl!