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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol - you gotta vote!!

Alright so many of you know that Eric and I do not have cable or any other such kind of TV service and believe it or not we actually survive. There are a few shows we miss but most can be viewed online, and the rest, I just figure I'm putting my time to better use - if blogging and reading other blogs counts as better use that is!! Anyway, the one show you cannot view online that I really, really, really want to watch? AMERICAN IDOL. I watched the 1st couple of seasons and to be honest year after year its kinda the same so I wasn't missing it too much but this year, BROOKE WHITE is on so I just have to watch. She's in the Van Nuys Ward, good friends with some people I know and a great singer, and I met her at someones house for dinner and can say honestly she is really just a good all around person so I broke down and bought rabbit ears. Its quite funny, I have to have the piano bench on my table and the ears on top and you can see the reception I'm getting. But hey! its all good I can hear it real good and see enough to know whats going on. Love it, love it, love it, great season but remember you have to call, so tune in and vote for Brooke. My other fave David Archuleta, so cute and so good. Watch and vote people, watch and vote.
Brooke White and David Archuleta


beth said...

Hey - we love it at our house too. You can come over and watch anytime!

Jen said...

We have the same faves this year! I like the Irish girl too! I am an American Idol LUV-AH! Could you believe how beautifil David Archuletas's performance was of "Imagine" was Tuesday night? Just perfect! If you ever miss it we always have it recorded. Due to YW on Wednesdays, I come in late and have to catch up but when it gets to the final 2 I always get really into it and have always wanted to host a viewing party.

Crazy Lady said...

i totally voted for brooke. you can watch at my house too! we tivo it so anytime!

Lisabella said...

David's performance of "Imagine" was amazing! A friend said he was in church in an L.A. ward on Sunday. I love it that he still has time to go to church, even in the middle of a crazy American Idol season.

And Brooke's great with the guitar! I want to see her at the piano, next.