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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Grill is on

The weather is warm to say the least, its staying light outside longer and this can only mean one thing, summer is on its way, and so we are eating ourselves some summer foods. I can't say I am great with the grill but I am trying and there is nothing better than eating grilled food. Last night we had Chicken and Bacon Shish Kabobs, I made them a few times last year but these were the best I've ever made, if you want to try them I substitute zucchini for the pineapple and marinade it along with the chicken and mushrooms, I used cremini mushrooms which is why I think they were extra tasty and I used Oscar Meyer turkey bacon instead of regular. I think the change in bacon really made the recipe better as the regular stuff is quite fatty which causes the grill to flame up a lot and char the veggies but I felt like the leaner turkey bacon let all the food really cook well. Alright enough of this foodie post, hope you try these yummy bites, if you don't have a grill your welcome to come eat with us, just let me know.


Rebecca said...

Claire! Clark and I had a WONDERFUL time last night and can't wait until the next time we get together! :)

You both are so much fun.

Thanks again!

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feel free to comment anytime - I would love to hear from you & anyone else who reads this :)

Crazy Lady said...

yum. i will have to make it. interesting idea with the turkey bacon, wonder if jason would go for it....he was not a fan of the turkey burgers :)

i will take you up on your eating offer! tell me what to bring.

English Garden said...

Here's the deal, you don't tell him its turkey bacon until he's told you how delish it is!! Although Eric doesn't complain if he doesn't have to cook, I'm just lucky I guess.

Jon & Gina said...

So I totally miss BBQ's at your house.. and I love the shishkabobs!! I am going to try and make them tommorrow.