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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not Ambitious enough....yet....

So Kate and I had this conversation yesterday.

Kate: I know lets get a baby brother (she kind of says it cute, like bruder)

Me : And what would you call him?

Kate: Xander

Me: Oh, thats nice

Kate: I know lets give this one back to Jesus and get a bruder

Me: Which one?

Kate: Sara

Well lets just say Eric and I aren't quite ready yet for another, which we are actually convinced would be a boy, and unfortunately for Kate we love Sara too much to send her back.

But in the event you were wondering what it would be like to have 5 kids, one a year here are some pics from when I watched Brooke's kids last week. Including my kids the ages were 5, 4, 2 (almost 3), 1 (almost 2) and 11 months. I think it could be possible but maybe not recommended, I am definitely not that ambitious, poor Baylie, I never quite got around to feeding her with all the other chaos. I hope the kids had fun because it was fun, Brooke's kids like to play hard and that suits us because mine do too, check out Sara wrestling Luke and Kate wrestling both.

The choas? well I think my baby would like me better, unfortunately Baylie wasn't to thrilled with me but thats because I don't get to hang out with Brooke too much these days and so she doesn't really know me, plus she had just woken up and was hungry but I was in the midst of feeding the other kids, mopping up spilt drink and trying to keep my little streaker kid under control. Note: see Sara taking off her pants? Its her new thing to strip herself of pants and diaper and so we are making an attempt at potty training because thats the only other option when you aren't wearing a diaper.


Crazy Lady said...

oh brother, I'm so sorry I put you through that. thank you so much. you are a great friend. and my hand is way better...like wonderful so thanks.

yep, poor b needs to be fed constantly, I forgot to mention that. she is a bottomless pit. and sorry for all the wrestling.

darby is a stripper as well. love that pic of sara.

i think you'd be lucky to get a boy, so don't be scared of that...the odds are against you.

English Garden said...

I think my post was a little misleading, we had fun, I just hope your kids did too.

Melanie said...

Wow, you are brave! I am overwhelmed by just one little baby girl most of the time.
Looks like a good time though!

Rachel said...

that's hilarious that Kate wants to trade Sara in for a boy! what a funny girl! myabe what she really means is that you should trade Sara to Julie for their little Xander. Maybe?

good job on watching all the kids! i'm sure you did great and i bet the kids didn't want to leave. except maybe hungry baylie. whenever i am around my kids and my neices and nephews it's total madness and i wonder how anyone could have more than two kids. especially my mom and dad who had 9! crazy!

Anneli said...

That is such a funny story about Kate giving Sara back, I totally giggled out loud.