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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall food faves

So is the cooler weather really here to stay? Myself and several others I know are dying to make soup and other cold weather fave's, today I did, I made a turkey meatloaf with Roasted Winter Vegetables. No pics sorry, my food pics never turn out all that appealing. As a side note does anyone else struggle with the organic issue? Its been on my mind a lot lately, I really want to buy organic but I just don't think my budget would allow. Anyway, I read this little snipit in a magazine that said "going organic can be costly so prioritize, 1)milk 2)meat and 3) fruits and vegetables." I really like that and think I am going to start by buying organic or soy milk for us, I already buy the organic eggs at Costco. Meat will be the hard one as it really is a bigger expense but if you think about all the crap they are pumping the animals with.... anyway, its a tough one for this household, we are trying our best and I have to say, I've been trying to come up with more vegetarian options these days. Enjoy the cooler weather, I hope its here to stay and I challenge you all to post your fave soup/winter recipe.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...as for organic milk or soy, Trader Joe's is inexpensive. Meat is not that bad either except the packages are usually for two...(It's not exactly family size) They're hormone and cruelty free but I'm not sure if their meat has the "organic" label but it's still a better option! You might already know all of this?

Beth said...

I'm with you on the organic stuff. Especially now that Audrey has all these food issues I feel compelled to buy the healthiest options possible for our family. I have a nutritionist friend that says the same thing - dairy first. I wish buying organic was more affordable.

I posted a butternut squash soup recipe on my blog a couple weeks back that is super yummy. And I'm definitely going to make those roasted veggies.

Gina and Jon said...

Your soup tonight was the BEST! I love fall weather it's all too fun.
Thanks for having us over tonight!

Jen said...

You would probably really enjoy the book I am pretty obsessed with "Gorgeously Green" by Sophie Uliano. She talks about organic foods alot on her website as well. It's SO true the foods you consume the most of are the most important to have organic. I think there is such a link between the rise in all of these horrific diseases and all of the hormones and preservatives in our food. Anyhoo, I will get off my soapbox and just say "Way to go!"