A little of what the Thompson's are up to.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

these are a few of our favourite things

Books, Kate was sick, real sick. Sara just sat with her big sis and read books.

Fairy wings.

Crafts especially if they can include glitter.

Pony rides.

My girls are the best!


Rebecca said...


You have the CUTEST kids Claire!

I must say, you are one of the most creative, crafty Mother's I know. If I were your kid, there would never be a dull moment in your house!

You cook, clean, make crafts, shop, serve your neighbors - the list goes on!!!

Sarah said...

I am so impressed by the crafts! Geez! That looks amazing. I don't think I've attempted doing something like that at my house yet. Maybe I should! And by the way, I don't know who's room that was (Kate's or Sara's), but I am digging the colorful strips on the wall. You have good taste and you're a good decorator!

Jen said...

They are cool kids cuz they have such a wicked cool mum!