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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thank Heavens for....

Oh My Thursday, you left me thankful for a
On Thursday we had an interesting incident at our house leaving me oh! so grateful for my FABULOUS SISTER-IN-LAW who is currently blog less but is there on the other end of the phone for crazy advice relating to my kids and then has no problem when I show up on her doorstep to leave a 2yr who just woke up so I could take big sis to the WONDERFUL PEDIATRICIAN who can help get noodles out that are stuck in an AMAZINGLY BRAVE 4YR OLDs throat.

Yeah that's right, weird, Kate was happily eating her fettuccine noodles and tells me one feels like its stuck, I look in the back of her throat and there it is dangling, we tried drinking, blowing the nose real hard several times (this has happened before, once, and Kate blew the noodle out of her nose) gargling, coughing and trying to sniff it back down all to no avail. And so we woke up little sis, took her over to fabulous sister-in-law and went to wonderful pediatrician who was quite stumped as to why the noodle would just be stuck there. A little saline wash up the nose and some coaching from our very nice nurse Doris and Kate did cough the noodle out. Anyhow, no more stringy noodles for Kate. And thank-you Trader Joes for yummy FROZEN BURRITOS that were dinner as what I had originally planned to make was no longer an option due to the fact that I had a stake primary leadership meeting the same night. And I am also grateful for my cute family who will happily eat frozen burritos for dinner and not complain.


Gina and Jon said...

Claire your so cute! I can't believe it got stuck in Kate's nose, I'm glad all is well. Missed seeing you tonight, your cake was Amazing!

Sarah said...

A noodle stuck in her throat?! That is so bizarre. I'm so glad everything turned out okay. And it sounds like you DO have a wonderful sister-in-law. I had to laugh when you said your family was sweet not to complain when you gave them frozen burritos. My family would just be thrilled that I actually "made" something, let alone if it were frozen or not. Ha!

Kersten Searle said...

I'm glad everything turned out all right. It is good you have someone close by to help out with emergencies, that is always nice. Thanks for your help today I really appreciate it. Totally crazy day.

beth said...

That is crazy! Poor Kate.

Jen said...

Glad the little one is a-ok! Frozen is ummmm....well let's just say, you are amazing that it is rare at your house!