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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter traditions

Beware, my pictures are a bit crap, I think I may need a photography lesson!

Now you've read the disclaimer onto my actual post, Easter Traditions. Eric and I don't have too many traditions yet, not that we don't want them we just haven't found what works for us. What does everyone else do for Easter? It wasn't a huge thing in my house growing up, we'd get a big chocolate egg and I remember one year doing a treasure hunt to find the egg but it was no where as big as it is here, listening to what everyone else did for their kids for Easter I thought I'd get a little more festive and so two years ago I did Easter baskets but I felt totally ripped off, giving my girls a basket filled with gifts, how in the world does this symbolise Easter? lets not get me started on the whole bunny thing, I don't mean to be a scrooge but since when do rabbits lay eggs? how does this tie in with our Saviour being scourged and crucified? Needless to say I did the baskets once and realised it wasn't for me, and last year, nothing, this year however I think I may have found something that works for me, we are going to do a little Easter egg hunt but the eggs will not be left by an Easter bunny, they will simply be left by mummy and daddy. Growing up I always believed that the egg symbolized the stone that covered and was rolled away from the tomb the Saviour's body was laid in, (I can't actually find anything to back this up just that the egg symbolizes re-birth) that is why I can get behind the egg thing. Anyway, I found some cute stuff to put into the girls eggs, little nail polish, lip balm, lip gloss rings, money and of course some candy. I also labeled the eggs with K's and S's so one of them doesn't get two nail polishes and the other none. I put it all together tonight as I'm actually going to be gone this weekend and Eric is in charge of the hunt, I hope he gets some cute pictures, I'll keep you posted! Maybe I am just weird, what are your Easter traditions and do you care if there is actual significance behind them?


Lane and Hannah said...

I tell my kids (okay Liam as Molly doesn't get it yet) that the Easter Bunny brings gifts as a symbol of the most important gifts that the Savior gave us on Easter (eternal life, repentance, the chance to be together as a family forever, etc.). And that the egg symbolize the new life that we can all have now because of the atonement.
The bunny came from being a symbol symbol of fertility in the middle ages (eggs were also associated with fertility). So that is how those two were associated. I guess that the bunny also came to symbolize an innocent sacrifice, like a lamb, that can obviously mean Christ. I mean, come on, who doesn't think a little bunny is adorable and loveable!
We also are trying to do a "Bunny Day" which we celabrate on the Saturday before Easter so that we don't have to do egg hunts and candy right before church on Sunday. And then on Easter Sunday we can also focus only on the real reason for Easter.

Tanya said...

growing up we had baskets, no hunts but mostly Easter was fun b/c we got new Sunday outfits, complete with hats, that is pretty much what i do for Easter. in the baskets mostly essentials for summer, sandals, sunglasses and such. and a new outfit for church that morning :), i like your idea too

Sarah said...

I like a good balance of traditions that are meaningful religiously and then the other side of the traditions I don't care if there's no symbolism. We do an easter egg hunt for the girls. And something I want to start when the girls are older is what Dan's dad did for his family. He would create an Easter scavenger hunt where they had to look up scriptures and the scripture would give them a clue and it would lead them to the next clue. I like that that tradition combined religious and fun. And then his Dad would end with a nice spiritual thought/FHE moment. Oh, and I think the idea of getting new Easter dresses for my girls would be cute, but I don't do it.

Beth said...

We do an egg hunt too, but inside the eggs is a little note that has something to do with Easter (part of the Easter story, scripture, something like that). We've even put family memories in there too. The kids will take a basket (so far just one big family basket) and collect the eggs and read what's inside - there will also be a jelly bean or two :)

I think this makes it fun and also has meaning and significance. We dye eggs the night before b/c that's what I did when I was little and I have good memories of it.