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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Posting from accross the pond

Reason for my visit - Happy Easter Grandma

My grandma has been in the hospital since Jan 26th, she was really sick back in Feb, sick enough that the doctors had the talk with my dad that at her age (94) if anything happened they would not try to resuscitate her, I almost came then but something held me back, I guess she wasn't conscious most of the time then. Recently I have been feeling that I should come and visit so Tues morning I got online, found a cheap fare and booked it to leave on Friday, and here I am. I am so glad I came, I have very fond memories of my paternal grandmother, I used to spend a week at her house each summer growing up and she would come to our house every Thursday. She has always been strong and up until January lived by herself in her own home, this has been a bad episode for her, she has lost a lot of weight and her energy is very low, its hard to see the change. It has been such a long way to come and I am only here for four days but its been worth it, I have so few family members left on this earth, my grandma, dad and 2 brothers, (no aunts, no uncles) that I feel its important to make the effort for. Hope your all having a great Easter weekend, the Brits get Friday and Monday off as "bank holidays" and most stores are closed Easter Sunday, its weird, I guess I am just so used to everything being open all of the time!


Rebecca said...

I bet she's so happy that you came! :)

I hope everything goes well for her.

Clark and I missed game night with you and Eric :( But are happy you decided to go and see your Family.

Have fun in England, we wish we could go - lucky!! Take lots of pictures :)

Jen said...

It's really wonderful that you did that for her. I didn't grow up with any grandparents so it's nice to see someone really care about theirs. I miss you girl!