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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Low Key Day

Yesterday my dad was golfing and my rental car went back on Friday so the girls and I were limited to what we could do on public transport, here's how it went. We took the bus to Ramsbottom, a cute little town a few miles from my house, Sara enjoyed the bus ride.

Ramsbottom is small and quaint, my type of place, there was an old sweet shop there where the candy is in big jars and you pick what you want and they weight it for you, Sara got a 50p mixed bag, Kate got 50g of smarties (kinda like M&M's) and I got 200gramme's of army & navy sweets, those bring back memories.
Next to the train station in Ramsbottom, this is a heritage railway, we took the train from Ramsbottom to Bury, its a quick 15minutes but a fun little ride.

After we alighted the train in Bury we met the cousins to go swimming and took the bus back home, a low key but fun day out.

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